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Best Coins For Mining in 2022


Best Coins For Mining in 2022


If you are someone who has gained recent interest in getting into cryptocurrency, this article is meant for you. Most cryptocurrency experts unanimously agree that one should try to know the ins and outs of the mining apparatus before deciding to mine any coin.

In this article, you will learn about the best coins to mine in 2022. Moreover, this article will discuss extensively the profitability of mining cryptocurrencies and all the upsides and downsides you have to be wary of about potential investments. In addition, you will also learn about the different platforms that are available for you to mine them.

List Of Best Coins You Can Mine In 2022

Here is a list of the best cryptocurrencies worth taking a look at if you are thinking about crypto mining in 2022.


If you are willing to invest a hefty sum of money, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the best choice you can make for mining. Bitcoin remains the most popular form of cryptocurrency among crypto users worldwide. Therefore, it is sufficient to say that the bitcoin investment can be worthwhile if one is willing to put the required effort to make a profit out of it.

However, keep in mind that given its high market price, mining Bitcoin can prove to be more difficult than all the other cryptos that are relatively new in the market. As it happens, it is advisable to weigh all your available options before mining Bitcoins.


Among all the popular cryptocurrencies right now, Ethereum or Ether is one of the most frequently bought coins in the market. Ethereum has a market cap of an estimated $243 Billion as of 2022. As it happens, Ether uses a hashing function; therefore, it can be mined using the CPU and GPU devices.

In recent days, Ether has rebranded as Ethereum 2.0 after changing its consensus algorithm from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). The cryptocurrency has primarily gained popularity due to its proprietary ‘smart contracts’ and ‘dApps’ services that have garnered quite a traction among many users.


Being launched in 2016, ZCash has achieved quite a lot of popularity quickly. The cryptocurrency company primarily brands itself to give its utmost importance to privacy. For most people, ZEC brings an ideal mining opportunity because of its stability in terms of price. As a result, Zcash is often considered a perfect long-term investment.

While ZEC can be difficult to mine because of its ASIC-resistant design, it is still possible to mine it with a higher RAM; thanks to its Equihash algorithm.


Like ZCash, Monero is also another ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency that prioritizes equity in crypto mining. It currently has around $3 Billion and remains one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in recent years.

Mining Monero can get miners a reward of 2.15 XMR every block. Monero deploys the CryptoNightR hashing function that you can mine using CPU or GPU devices.


After launching in 2018, Ravencoin has earned popularity because of all its unique features. For example, crypto wallet, messaging, and RVN voting features have made it an attractive investment to many crypto miners. Furthermore, Ravecoin is easy to trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, it has an added upper hand compared to other newer cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Ravencoin has become vastly popular because of the KawPow protocol it offers alongside the X16R function. The reward per block for Ravencoin stands at 5,000 as of last year.


Litecoin has a broad appeal among its users because of all the solid functionalities it entails. The cryptocurrency uses a Scrypt protocol and continues to be one of the most lucrative coins that one can mine with GPU. As of last year’s data, almost 67 million LTCs have been successfully mined out of 84 million.


Dash came into being in 2014 and has a market cap of around $1.07 Billion. It has risen to prominence by ensuring secure, safe, and swift transactions worldwide through the use of PrivateSend and InstantSend. It uses the X11 hashing algorithm created by the Dash founder Evan Duffield himself.

There is about 10 million Dash in the crypto market right now, and the reward per block stands at 2.88 Dash per block.


Dogecoin has enjoyed considerable success in securing a large share of the crypto market in almost no time ever since launching in 2013. The currency is used mainly for tipping purposes on Twitter and Reddit. Like most other cryptos, you can mine Dogecoin using CPU or GPU devices. Dogecoin uses a Scrypt protocol and currently has a reward value of 10K per block.

Should You Get Into Crypto Mining in 2022?

There are many pros and cons involved concerning crypto mining in general. The first of many upsides is that it can help you get access to coins without purchasing them in the first place. But you will undoubtedly need the necessary resources and luck to be on your side.

Secondly, mining remains the purest way to secure PoW cryptocurrency. Thirdly, mining has become quite convenient, thanks to all the latest tech devices being equipped with a high level of computational power. As a result, it has become easy for anyone to get into mining if one has a passion for it. Last but not least, cloud mining has undoubtedly created a room where people nowadays find it much easier to enter into uncharted territories, such as crypto mining.

Now, let’s talk about some cons. Mining cryptos can cost one a lofty sum of money; thus, it is not an expenditure for everyone, given the risk involved. Moreover, with the PoS consensus garnering much popularity these days, mining might not be a sustainable endeavor in the long haul. Lastly, mining requires one to know a fair share of technical knowledge that can be hard to attain.


Mining cryptocurrencies can be a profitable investment if one has the relevant knowledge, capital, and perseverance to pour into them. However, the business involves many risks; therefore, it should only be pursued once weighing all the pros and cons thoroughly.

The upsides of the crypto mining business vastly outweigh the cons. As a result, if one genuinely believes that their budget is compatible with what they plan on mining, crypto mining can be a very successful venture. To learn more about crypto mining and everything related to it, be sure to grab a ticket to our NYC seminar where the bests in the business world share their own unique perspectives on a number of topics like crypto, stocks, business, etc. 

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