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6 Best Crypto Mining Pools

6 Best Crypto Mining Pools

Mining cryptocurrency can often feel daunting and unprofitable. But, in reality, it is actually relatively straightforward. And if you do it well, then it is highly profitable. A mining pool is one of those things that makes the crypto mining process a bit easier for you. It basically pools a ton of miners together for a better success rate and profit.

While there are many mining pools out there, not all of them are worth your time. Many of them have some amount of drawbacks that make them essentially a dead end. You need to pick the best one that leads you to the most amount of sustainable profit. So, that is why we are here with a list of the best crypto mining pools for you to pick from!

How To Choose The Best Mining Pool?

Mining pools combine a lot of miners and their resources together to increase both profit and efficiency. It is a direct antithesis to the difficulty increase when the number of miners increases in a specific cryptocurrency. So you can fear competition a lot less.

After joining a pool, you will get payouts by the block or periodically. And you will have to pay a certain amount of fee to the mining pool service. These charges differ from service to service, and even the payment model could differ as well.

Ideally, you want to maximize your profits. So, a mining pool with frequent and larger payouts with as low a fee as possible is the way to go. It is best to keep the security factors always in priority. So it would help if you had a mining pool that is reputable and trustworthy.

Server accessibility is another thing you should keep in mind. You need to connect to your regional servers; otherwise, the distance will prove a technical bottleneck. And finally, you need to have a mining pool with good UI and features.

List Of The 6 Best Mining Pools

Here are the six best crypto mining pools for you to pick and choose from.

Slush Pool

Slushpool is the oldest mining pool that is still public and active. It has servers globally, and it is highly reputable in all circles of crypto mining. They have two different modes, one for beginners and another for advanced miners. This makes it very accessible as a mining service as well. It has servers in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and China.

It even has a demo mode that helps you understand how the whole process works. And all the UI features make this a very easy-to-customize system. As a well-known and popular mining pool, you can expect frequent payouts. Although the fee is a bit higher, it can be worth it in the end.


Antpool holds a large chunk of the market among mining pool services out there. It holds a sizable chunk of the entire market share. The best thing about Antpool is that it has the most straightforward signup and setup process. The feature sets are also very easy to understand.

Payments are made daily when the amount crosses a certain threshold. So you get very frequent payouts with Antpool. The process is simple and transparent. With prompts and notifications helping you stay up to date very quickly. Although the small payout system puts some people off, it can be a plus point for others.


BTC.com holds one of the largest market shares while one of the lowest fees. It is a highly lucrative offer truly. Owned by the same company as Antpool, BTC.com has differentiated itself in its profitable offerings. However, the primary drawback here is that the only crypto this pool supports is bitcoin.

They also split up the transaction fees, making it even more profitable financially. This site has a well-established reputation in the cryptocurrency circles and is known for its high profitability. You can rest assured that their offerings are pretty legitimate.


F2Pool is a giant in the mining pool world. It is one of the oldest active mining pools and is currently one of the largest. They started with bitcoin, but now they support many other currencies as well. They have a robust system and a very intuitive UI.

One thing that separates F2Pool from others is how incredible their help section is. With an always active helpline, you can go for advice or support on any issue you have. You can also create multiple pools simultaneously so you can mine different cryptocurrencies together.


ViaBTC offers more data, info, and insights into the whole mining process than all the other mining pools. They have a dashboard showing you all the stats and data you want to know. If you want a mining pool that gives you a ton of insight, then this is the one.

This is a highly reputed and robust mining pool. They support various cryptocurrencies and have a well-structured system that will serve you very well. Many transactions and wallet-related features also make it incredibly convenient at times.

Binance Pool

The same prevalent Binance exchange system powers the Binance pool. The Binance exchange system is industry-defining, and its mining pool is equally impressive. Their mining pool services are relatively new. But among the up-and-coming services, they are the fastest-growing mining pool currently.

If you are already familiar with the Binance exchange system, you do not need more introduction to them. Their reputation speaks for itself. You can check out their details and opt-in without any hesitation whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

You should always check both the financial aspect and the user experience of the mining pool. If the feature sets match your needs, check out the payments and fees. If they seem appropriate, then go for it.

Never take any offer that looks too good to be true. Keep your expectations close to reality and try to find the right balance. And for more help with cryptocurrency investment, you can always attend Cryptocurrency Seminar New York for guidance.


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